Austerity great if you’re loaded. 

Gradually more and more people are waking up to the fact that austerity wasn’t actually a necessary political response to the economic crisis, but actually an ideologically driven policy to use the crisis as an excuse to transfer as much wealth as possible from the majority of people to the already super-rich minority.
Local government services annihilated all over the country, in-work benefits slashed, disabled people impoverished, police and other emergency services severely cut back, flood defence schemes cancelled, the slowest economic recovery in history, the deficit nothing like eliminated, UK wage deflation since the crisis the the joint worst in the developed world with Greece.
Corporation tax slashed from 28% in 2010 to 17% in 2020 and an average £100,000 per year income tax cut for Britain’s 13,000 income millionaires.
It’s extraordinary that 24% of the electorate actually voted for the continuation of this ideological lunacy.


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